About Us

We are passionate about what makes the world work.

Whether through ICT solutions, leadership coaching, team facilitation, poetry, or the promotion of electric mobility, we make sure that your world works too.

We combine over 40 years of experience.  Philippe as a computer wizard, Dorothy as a soul whisperer.

We are Brussels based and fluent in English, French and Dutch.

ICT Skills

Philippe fell in love with computers when he was a teenager (and computers were just starting to become available to the public).

He understands the technology better than he understands the person. Philippe continues to learn new languages and frameworks through his own projects (like making games).

He provides consultancy services and is skilled in :


As a trilingual coach, facilitator and speaker, Dorothy guides you and your team. She is skilled at creating a sense of safety and trust while encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone. 

  • (Self)-Leadership
  • Professional Development
  • Productivity
  • Working Apart Together
  • Team Coaching
  • Individual & Private Coaching

More information and testimonials here

Dorothy has published an e-book in French with practices for success: Entraînez-vous au succès.  Trois clefs pour la réussite personnelle et professionnelle.

Art & Poetry

As artistic harvester, songwriter and poet, Dorothy is a deep listener who reflects complex experiences through words and images.

She supports your events and workshops through poetry and facilitation.

She also hosts focused workshops to stimulate your writing (Writing Apart Together), whether factual or literary, or to simply re-acquaint yourself with poetry.

She is a spoken word artist and Slam poet.  Her poem “For Love”, was translated in some 70 languages and is available on the Facebook page devoted to the poem.  

She is the author of several poetry books.  Her poems can also be found here.

EV Mobility

EV ambassador participating in any public EV event in Belgium. Philippe informs people and interested parties on the potential of electric mobility, based on his own experience as a user of EV’s since 2014.

Member of EV Belgium CommunityAVERE BelgiumAMPeres ASBL and Tesla Owners Club Belgium.

Administrator of Brussels Electric Vehicle Club, a community of people who are interested in electric mobility and infrastructure in Brussels.

We have experience dealing with administrative and technical issues regarding retrofitting charging installations in garage boxes and parking spots of apartment buildings.