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We purchased a hsdpa usb vodafone modem to access the umts network of Belgacom.
This is a Huawei E620 model, you can do a 'lsusb' to find out about yours.

We use Zarafa to enable our Outlook clients some degree of collaboration.

It has the added benefit that backups can be easily arranged.

I have an asus motherboard with an integrated NIC. Integrated NICs on recent motherboards have WOL capability.

Thanks to mythTV you can now comfortably enjoy your digital media and easily record TV programs.

Nothing defines your business on the internet like your very own domain name.
We can offer you advice on finding the best possible registrar and web/mail hoster.

Ask us about anti-spam techniques to protect your bandwidth quota.

Why not consult us when your IT department needs its IT hardware and infrastructure upgraded?
We can offer you advice on your purchasing orders to assure yourself of getting more quality for less money.

As java developers with a strong analytical and technical background we can offer your business essential help in your ICT department.
Our main architectural experience lies in developing a web appli

We can offer you a range of services you can expect from an expensive Windows server license.
Such as:

  • File server
  • Printer server
  • Firewall
  • Gateway
  • Mail server

If your business is suffering from outrageous phone bills then you should consider Voice Over IP.
We can offer you insight and advice on choosing the right solution.

For individuals or small and mid-level enterprises who wish to own their web site or advertise their presence we propose drupal. It is possible to have it acting as a intranet/extranet system.